Peel Lifestyle & Environmental Insights


House prices across Peel are lower than the Perth Metro median of $515,000 which is expected given the geographic differences between these areas. Median house prices in 2019 range from $300,000 to $408,000, compared with the WA Regional median of $376,000 in 2019.


Many people enjoy the natural wonders of the Murray River, Yalgorup National Park, beaches of the Indian Ocean and the Peel-Harvey Estuary, the largest and most diverse estuarine system in the south-west of WA. In the middle reaches of the Region are extensive areas of eucalypt forest and the Darling Scarp to the west of the forests provides an abrupt, stunning backdrop to the Coastal Plain.


The region’s moderate climate and distinctive physical features (beaches, Harvey Estuary and Darling Scarp) provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of outdoor passive and active recreational activities.

The Peel Region is part of a climatic transition along the west coast of Western Australia from north to south towards cooler temperature and more consistent rainfall. With a coastal plain bordered inland by the Darling Scarp, the Peel Region is situated amongst the highest rainfall areas of South Western Australia